Plates with Personality

In 1965 the Legislature passed the Prestige License Plate Act which allowed motorists, for a $10 fee, to personalize their license plates. For the first time, plates could be ordered displaying names, initials, favorite nicknames, or even greetings. Plate personalization opened the door for more unique plates in the future. By the 90s, specialty license plates benefitting colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations were also being issued. Today, the state offers over 400 different specialty plates including over 150 plates specifically recognizing and honoring military service. Whether you want to showcase your love of animals, promote your alma mater, preserve history, or express your support for cancer awareness, Texas likely has a specialty plate for you.

In order to commemorate 100 years of the license plate, the state is issuing a new, limited edition specialty plate. The new plate will be available to order for only one year beginning Sept. 1, 2017. Texans who order this historic plate will pay $30 per year and be able to renew it annually. But no new orders will be accepted after Aug. 31, 2018. As a bonus, the first 100 motorists will receive a special plate pattern with “100” as the first the characters followed by three letters starting with “AAA.” To honor the 100-year milestone, the anniversary plate incorporates features from the past and present including a seal in the center of the plate reminiscent of the 1917 radiator seal, as well as “19” and “17” in the top corners of the plate. However, the plate still includes security threads and the word “TEXAS” on a white background just as it is on the current general-issue plate.